After 39 years of professional grooming, I still love my business. God has put the most loving people in my life and for that reason I want to continue until I'm physically unable. But due to the high risk of career ending back injuries, I no longer groom physically challenging pets. I have decided to protect myself from unnecessary injury until I decide to retire. I just don't want to be forced to retire. I'm sure you can understand that.

Dear New Clients,
By Appointment Only
Specializing in Small Breeds
While You Wait

Okolona Pet Grooming provides personal , private grooming appointments while you wait. The grooming process is 45 minutes while you stay with your pet in a Edwardian style parlor. It's you, me and your four legged child.

Being on Time:
At Okolona Pet Grooming I strive to keep a serene atmosphere for you and your pet. As Pet Parents you want what is best for your four legged children, so being on time for your appointment is vitally important.

The 5 minute Late Plan:
Simply Call and Reschedule. Remember it's all about keeping the serene atmosphere for your pet and my client after you. If you arrive early, text me , when I am ready , I will reply 'Ready' You can count on me to be on time.

Please carry your pet in As leashes can tangle around your legs and furniture. If you need assistance I will gladly help.

Potty Break:
Remember to walk your pet RIGHT BEFORE the grooming process.

No Fleas Allowed:
At Okolona Pet Grooming I strive to protect you and your pet from harmful flea bite complications. There are two primary complications from flea bites. These are serious allergic reactions and secondary infections and in some cases fleas carry diseases. Therefore make sure to protect your pet and others from these harmful Health issues .

Dog Bites are more Serious than You Think!

DOG BITE injuries can go past the skin to the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels.
BITES TO THE HAND may penetrate far enough to reduce the hands ability to function, ending the groomers career.

The grooming process is supposed to be a pleasant experience for your pet, but those with high anxiety and behavioral issues don't enjoy it. To safeguard groomers, Veterinarians medicate and groom at their facility. Call your local veterinarian so they can better assist your special needs pet.

The One Bite Rule: The Grooming Process Ends and the Fee is $25.00